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If you know the car and the colour code, please enter it into the ‘Colour code’ space.
If you do not know where to find the required colour code, please use the following information: "How to find the code?" or try to find colour code by using our search system "By car" and entering car make, model and year.
If you still have not found anything, contact us by email or by phone during business hours. We are ready to help.

How to use the paint

Shake the touch up pen thoroughly before using the paint. Make sure that the damaged areas are dry, clean and grease-free. Where there is some flaking paint on the edges of a damaged area, remove it, too. Apply the paint in layers. Apply the next layer only after the previous layer has dried. The number of layers required depends on the paint coverage area. Painted surfaces are recommended to be topped with a clear coat. Surface not topped with a clear coat becomes less resistant to environmental impact.

How to use the paint?