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Small bodywork scratches are a very common problem. We suddenly find them after picking our car when it's been serviced or a bunch of boys have just rushed past in a parking lot or when a piece of gravel flies from under the wheel of a car driving in front of us and in other unexpected circumstances.

Does it sound familiar? Has the paint of the bodywork of your car ever been scratched? When the scratch is small but clearly visible and upsets you every time you set your eyes on it. To make any such scratch invisible, you would need repaint the entire body part of the car, which it is not worth it and besides there is no time for any such repainting, because the repairs would take at least a week and would cost you a fortune.

How to restore the nice looks of your car after it has been damaged?

It is for such cases that our special paint corrector (paint pencil) is designed to mask the paint damage.

„It is our original product,” says Andrius Firantas.

It has some distinctive features. First of all, it's the packaging. The high quality vial was made in the UK. It was specially designed to cover very small scratches. They can be masked with dye spots by using a special needle or may be applied with a special small brush. Another distinctive feature is that the paint completely matches the original colors of the paint used by car manufacturers, according to the manufacturer's paint codes. You can find the code on your car or motorcycle. If you can't find it, try our search engine.